Juliet (iulieki) wrote in piaresquare,

6 large & 29 small textures

I've always wanted to make textures from these things around our house and I finally got around to trying it. I don't know what I'm doing! I made large ones because that's what I like, but I tried cropping some smaller ones too. If you use these at all I'd love to know so I can see what you've made :)

Click for full size

1936 x 1296 px

1936 x 1296 px

1936 x 1296 px

1500 x 1000 px

1280 x 960 px

1280 x 960 px

All the large textures (.zip) | All the small ones (.zip)

Please do not claim as your own.
Comments and credit are appreciated ♥ but not required.
Tags: !textures
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